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For Roscolene filters refered to in Let There Be Light, Es werde Licht, and Spectro-Chrome Guide,
contact Products On Demand, phone (203) 322-1774.
A. Let There Be Light, Darius Dinshah. 15 concise chapters cover most theoretical and practical aspects of Spectro-Chrome therapy. Includes: Color production, Light sources, filter supplier, 78 Color attributes, 331 Color schedules for 400 diagnosed and obvious health conditions, 600 indexed medical and common names, S-C definitions, Color/element/sound equivalents, use on animals, three years' hospital use documentation, etc. Written in easy-to-understand language and terms for layperson or practitioner. Items B/C/D/H/T listed below are included in the text, and many important details from item J. 11th edition (2012), hardbound, 128 pages, 7x10", hardbound.$12.00
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B. Dr. Baldwin Testifies. An excerpt from a book, Triumph of Spectro-Chrome (see B(a) below). 26 page booklet, 5-1/2x8-1/2".$1.50
B(a). Triumph of Spectro-Chrome. Genesis and complete transcript of 1931 lawsuit fought and won by Dinshah P. Ghadiali. In cross-examining prosecution witnesses, he demonstrated extensive knowledge of chemistry and physics relating to Spectro-Chrome. Six physicians and lay practitioners testified in his behalf, one of whom was Dr. Kate W. Baldwin who recounted many of her experiences with Spectro-Chrome in her private practice, and in the Philadelphia Woman's Hospital as Senior Surgeon for twenty-three years. 240 pages, 7x10", softbound. 38 photos, illustrations, patents (Itisometer, Graduate Equipment), exhibits, testimonials. $8.00
C. Therapeutic Value of Light and Color, Dr. Kate W. Baldwin. Abstract of a paper presented at a meeting of the Medical Society of Pennsylvania, held at the Philadelphia Medico-Chirurgical Hospital. From the Atlantic Medical Society Journal of April 1927. 5-1/2x8-1/2", leaflet.$0.10
D. Philadelphia Woman's Hospital Trustees' Minutes, excerpt. Documentation/commentary on Dr. Kate W. Baldwin's using Spectro-Chrome at this hospital. Photographically reproduced from the original volume, with added sidenotes and references. 8-1/2x14", leaflet. $0.10
E. Donation (If you wish to further our efforts).$______.__
F. Membership, to end of year (or following year if after September 30). Includes Variant Breath Forecast for your local area; and Newsletters when published, usually four per year. Newsletters can be emailed to you rather than by postal service.
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Per year: $3.00
F(a). Certificate of Membership. Full color, 5-1/2x8-1/2", suitable for matting and framing. Additional to membership: $2.50.
G. Itisometer Manual. The Itisometer, a sensitive electric thermometer, measured the activity of internal organs by sensing temperature over them. 44 Itisometers were handmade, the last in 1942. This Manual on technique has updated material for using a presently available expensive substitute electronic unit. The involved technique is partly due to using additional charts for converting temperature readings to tonation Colors. 40 page booklet, 5-1/2x8-1/2", with five enlarged charts (8-1/2x11"). $5.00
H. Inexpensive Projector Plans. Easy step-by-step instructions to make a Color projector with common materials (25- or 40- watt reflector lamp/cardboard/glue). Takes perhaps an hour to cut and assemble. This is also in item A, Let There Be Light above, and item Q, S-C Guide below. Leaflet, two pages, nine illustrations, 8-1/2x11".$0.50
I. Es werde Licht (Praktischer Leitfaden fuer Dinshahs 12-Farben Chromopathie). German version of item A Let There Be Light above. Includes items K. and U. 2nd edition (2008), 128 pages,7x10", hardbound.
NOTE: This book should be ordered only if reader is fluent in German.
J. History of Spectro-Chrome. Dinshah P. Ghadiali edited the Spectro-Chrome and Visible Spectrum Researcher magazines, from 1922 to 1957 (240 issues). Their 6000+ pages cover thousands of case reports from abscesses to x-ray burns; Dinshah's editorial comments; transcripts of several lawsuits; hundreds of articles by professionals who used Spectro-Chrome exclusively or with other methods; technical details as they were introduced: Favorscope (Forecast), Sympathometer, Itisometer, etc.; offers by Dinshah to donate his work and Institute to the AMA, or US government; and much more. Seven clothbound volumes, 5-1/4x8-1/2".$220.00
K. Therapeutischer Wert von Licht und Farbe. German version of item C above. 8-1/2x11", leaflet.$0.10
L. Der Preiswerte Farblicht Projektor. German version of item H above. Eight pages, 8-1/2x11", 20 illustrations.$1.00
M. Spectro-Chrome Metry Encyclopedia, Dinshah P. Ghadiali. 117 chapters thoroughly cover the development and theory of Spectro-Chrome. Written in 1933, the first two editions spanned 1200 pages in three volumes. Their wide margins and numerous pages pertaining to courses taught by Dinshah have been deleted; but the text has not been edited. While some scientific views conflict with some of Dinshah's, it remains for history and the reader to judge. Let There Be Light (item A above) is recommended for those new to Spectro-Chrome; though based on Dinshah's teachings, it has much greater emphasis on the practical application of Spectro-Chrome. 169 charts, tables, illustrations; 6th edition (2012), 200 pages, 7x10", hardbound.$14.00
N. My Spectro-Chrome, Darius Dinshah. DVD monolog version of item A above (LTBL), with much additional material: how to calculate Forecasts; how the original glass filters were matched (attuned), spectroscopic demonstration showing why fluorescent and neodymium lamps can eventually cause health problems; views of several Spectro-Chrome projectors, an original Itisometer, etc. When viewing, it is recommended to follow along with a copy of LTBL, chapter by chapter. DVD, run time: 5 hr/51 min. This will run on any DVD player as it is not regionally coded. $13.00
P. Spectro-Chrome Magazines, abridged. The complete version (item J above) is very long, and in some respects repetitious. This edition consists of 41 selected Spectro-Chrome magazines with much emphasis on the earlier years. Many articles written by professionals. 496 pages, 10x7", single softbound volume.$19.00
Q. Spectro-Chrome Guide, Darius Dinshah. Ten chapters, condensed version of Let There Be Light. Discontinued edition, order full version, item A listed above. Not available Out-of-Print
R. Spectro-Chrome Color Wheel. Full-color ink-on-paper representations of Spectro-Chrome Colors (tonation colors have multiple energy frequencies). Aids visualizing infra/ultra colors, opposites, etc. 8-1/2x11" leaflet. Two for
7 for $2.00
S. Dr. Babbitt's Color Therapy. Edwin D. Babbitt. The original 1878 11-chapter volume was the main source of information for the development of Spectro-Chrome. This version contains the two chapters for using Color on people and plants. Quite thought provoking, though some Color recommendations are at odds with Spectro-Chrome views, and obtaining the described materials may be difficult. 80 pages, 7x10", softbound.$4.50
T. Spectra/Color Wheel. Reprint of full-color illustrations showing shortcomings of so-called "full-spectrum'" illumination, etc.; and S-C Color Wheel in Let There Be Light. 10x14", glossy stock (Color Wheel portion is an enhanced version of item R above).$1.00,
3 for $2.00
T(a). Spectra/Color Wheel/Area Chart. Enlarged (item T above, etc.).
Three lecture-size poster set, about 22 x 32".
U. Spektra/Farbkreis. German version of item T above.$1.00,
3 for $2.00

V. Round Table, Darius Dinshah. Video, interview by Mark Ungar. Originally recorded, and later broadcast on a cable TV network in New York, NY. Gives an overview of Spectro-Chrome, the concept behind it, its supporters, as well as some of the opposition its originator faced. This will run on any DVD player as it is not regionally coded. DVD, run time: 29 minutes. $8.00
W. Dinshah Health Society Newsletters--1976-2012, Darius Dinshah. Continuing series covering Spectro-Chrome and related health issues. This book details progress of DHS and Spectro-Chrome: development/updates of matched plastic filters, several new publications, additional color schedules, ongoing commentary of medical news (pro & con), substitute Itisometer tested, many ordinary to extraordinary case reports, vitamin/nutrition information, hospital hazards, 128 pages, 7x10", softbound.$7.50
X. Chinese version of Let There Be Light (2005) (see item A, above) 204 pages, 7-1/2x10-1/4", hardbound.
NOTE: This book should be ordered only by those fluent in Chinese.
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